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Our reputation has been built on two solid cornerstones: continuous innovation and superior personalized, on-site service . 

Our technicians visit our customers regularly to train, service equipment and gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges that they are facing — knowledge that guides our innovation process . We supplement the information gathered by our field teams with data insights generated from advanced, real-time technologies used to monitor customer systems and processes 24/7 . 

We use this information to ensure that the new products and programs we develop solve customer challenges and address emerging issues . Our scientists, engineers and technical specialists bring broad disciplinary expertise to these challenges . To develop the industry’s most innovative solutions, they draw upon our deep expertise in critical core technologies, including antimicrobials, dispensing and monitoring, personal and environmental hygiene, polymers, surfactants and solid chemistry. 

Research & Development

M-Teknologi has consistently led the industry in the design of products and services that help customers operate their businesses more efficiently . We invest heavily each year in research and development to introduce products and programs that increase safety, minimize customers’ water and energy use, and reduce waste . Our attention to the total impact our products have on our world — from manufacture, through use, to disposal — sets us apart from competitors and continually spurs the development of solutions that address our customers’ ever-evolving needs . 

Our core technologies include: 

  • • Antimicrobials 

  • • Hard surface cleaners 

  • • Polishes 

  • • Waxes 

  • • Polymers 

  • • Waterless cleaning solutions 

  • • Hyperconcentrated™ cleaning chemicals 

  • • Warewashing systems 

  • • Holistic cleaning programmes 

  • • Digital solutions for dispensing & monitoring performance 

Driving value to our customer

Through our partnership with Synergystica, M-Teknologi has a broad geographic footprint in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and a strong and compelling customer value proposition . Whether we’re servicing a hotel, restaurant, hospital or food and beverage plant, or car detailing centre, carwash or boathouse our core capabilities of chemistry, innovation, data insights, service and training work together to deliver the best results at the lowest total cost . 


As we develop new products, we pay close attention to sustainability, focusing on ingredient responsibility, human health and environmental impact over the product life cycle . Resource scarcity is becoming an increasing global issue, and M-Teknologi is working to help customers rethink processes to reduce water and energy consumption, and utilize resources more wisely . Our commitment to protecting vital resources is ingrained throughout our company, from how we operate and innovate to the way we work with customers and support communities . 

We develop sustainable solutions to help customers ensure cleaner, safer and 

healthier operations . And we measure the impact of our solutions, helping customers 

quantify their return on investment and track operational improvements and progress across a range of performance goals . 

M-Teknologi’s lean approach documents operational, economic and resource savings related to water, energy, waste, asset protection and safety . By starting with what matters most to our customers — performance — and linking performance outcomes to sustainability metrics and cost savings, we quantify the bottom-line benefits of M-Teknologi’s innovative solutions . 

We strive to create cleaner, safer and healthier operating environments for employees and customers . Our solutions conserve water and energy by enabling more efficient operations. Our Hyperconcentrated™ solutions reduce packaging and help keep waste out of landfills . Our programs and services improve asset use and increase asset life . 


 M-Teknologi Professional Hygiene Solutions   

M-Teknologi has always supported businesses facing the commercial challenges that arise from having to ensure the cleanest most hygienic premises, whilst driving costs down and minimizing

environmental impact. M-Teknologi works with SEKO, the leader in the world of Cleaning and Hygiene Dosing and Dilution Solutions to develop the M-Teknologi AutoDose™ & M-Teknologi AutoDispense™ systems for simple and safe chemical dosing.


Working alongside Global machine manufacturers, M-Teknologi has developed a high-quality range of dosers, pumps and dispensers, designed to keep equipment performing brilliantly. From peristaltic pump systems, designed to deliver precise quantities of chemical, to robust and highly efficient dosing systems for enzyme drain cleaning solutions, we can help keep a catering operation running cleanly and smoothly.


Our region-wide presence ensures that we can support our customers wherever they are. Supported by teams across the GCC , we ensure professional, local customer support with 24/7 response. All this is backed up and supported by a world-class team of technical customer services, able to provide all the back up or technical support needed. With our ISO certificated production site in Fujairah, UAE, we are close to our customers and fully compliant with all local norms, standards and certifications.

M-Teknologi AutoDose™ systems deliver:

  • Precision

  • Consistency

  • Efficiency

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Security

  • Ease of Use and Installation


M-Teknologi AutoDose™ Peristaltic dosing pumps


M-Teknologi’s peristaltic range offer reliable robust and affordable dosing solutions for glasswash machines, hood type and conveyor warewash machines amongst others.


• Quick and easy installation to save your time

• Low maintenance and robust design

• Wide variety of tubes to adapt to all chemicals

• Wide spread of functions offer maximum flexibility

M-Teknologi AutoDose™ Peristaltic dosing pumps

A Series

  • Fixed speed peristaltic pump with analogue adjustment of conductivity setpoint

  • Equipped with a conductivity probe to enable the dosing

  • Doses detergent liquids using a Santoprene squeeze tube

  • Flow rate 6 – 9 l/h


B Series

  • Versatile peristaltic pump with analogue dosing speed adjustment

  • For use with a detergent, with Santoprene tubing

  • For use with rinse aid, using Santoprene tubing, offers high chemical compatibility

  • Analogue speed adjustment mechanism

  • Flow rate 4 – 7 – 18 l/h for Detergent, 1 l/h for Rinse Aid


C Series

  • Fixed speed peristaltic pump with an analogue

  • dosing time adjustment

  • Powered via single or double solenoid valves

  • 2 setting trimmers enable detergent initial

  • charge (18-180 secs) and re-charge (2-15 secs)

  • Flow rate 6 – 9 l/h

D Series

  • Fixed speed peristaltic pump with analogue adjustment of dosing time

  • Feature trimmer enabled dosing time.

  • Available as a low flow variant

  • Flow rate 0.4 – 1.5 l/h


M-Teknologi AutoDilute™ systems

The M-Teknologi range of chemical dilution and dispensing stations, surface cleaning, foaming systems and automated dosing management solutions, suitable across a multitude of applications. M-Teknologi low pressure systems are especially effective, providing long contact time ensuring an effective deeper clean.


M-Teknologi AutoDilute™ systems deliver:


  • Precision

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Ease of use

  • Cost effective Surface

Series 1


Modular and flexible for maximum versatility for Kitchens to housekeeping, to Laundry, Janitorial services and Commercial Cleaning:

  • Ergonomic design

  • HACCP compliant

  • Accurate dilution control

  • Integrated hose support

  • Easy installation

  • Intelligent Venturi system

  • Revolutionary patented M-Teknologi HydroDynamic™ technology sets new industry standards of performance and reliability

  • Efficiently fills small, medium and large containers with accurately diluted use solutions from M-Teknologi HyperConcentrate™ chemicals

  • Certified by all the leading European water authorities

  • Flow rate 4 – 30 l/min

Series 2


  • Offers easy and affordable control and dilution accuracy for manual warewash detergents and sink sanitizers

  • Features a flexible spout, larger diameter fittings for highly viscous liquids and an improved stroke regulation

  • Colour coded cap can be easily removed to allow access to the dosage setting mechanism

  • 6 different dosage settings

  • Available with silicone, EPDM and GPM seal options

As part of a process of on-going product development, M-Teknologi reserves the right to amend and change specifications without prior notice.





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