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M-Teknologi ia a leader in supplying solutions to car washes, auto repair centres, taxi and bus companies. Our Automotive solutions are reliable and simple for customers to operate as products are dispensed through equipment designed to ensure accuracy and consistent results, while helping reduce the chance of misuse .

The Hyperconcentrated™ liquid system uses patented technology and smart dispensing, which ensures the proper dose is dispensed every time . The enhanced chemistry leads to a higher level of clean and longer-lasting shine, at a consistent cost to the operator.


M-Teknologi Professional Automotive Solutions pairs unique low-temperature chemistry, actionable insights and technical expertise to help drive our customers’ sustainability goals while delivering valuable water and energy savings . The program has been proven to reduce utility costs and improve operational efficiency while delivering consistently superior results .


M-Teknologi Professional Automotive Solutions  specifically designed to address the unique circumstances of industry .

Products in the range include: 


  • M-Teknologi Hyperconcentrated™ Automotive Shampoo 

  • M-Teknologi Hyperconcentrated™ Automotive Shampoo with Wax 

  • M-Teknologi Polishing Solutions  

  • M-Teknology Final Shine 

  • M-Teknologi Hyperconcentrated™ Tyre Shine 

  • M-Teknologi Engine Cleaner 

  • M-Teknologi Rim Cleaner 

  • M-Teknologi Hyperconcentrated™ Screenwash 

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