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M-Teknologi is a trusted partner working behind the scenes at thousands of customer locations throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. M-Teknologi delivers comprehensive solutions to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, optimize energy use and improve operational efficiencies, whilst helping customers solve operational challenges, reduce their environmental impact and protect their brands.    

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M-Teknologi has consistently led the industry in the design of products and services that help customers operate their businesses more efficiently . We invest heavily each year in research and development to introduce products and programs that increase safety, minimize customers’ water and energy use, and reduce waste . Our attention to the total impact our products have on our world — from manufacture, through use, to disposal — sets us apart from competitors and continually spurs the development of solutions that address our customers’ ever-evolving needs .



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Sustainability is deeply rooted in our Swedish culture. 

M-Teknologi’s mission, based on Pure Clean Science, is to protect people through better hygiene and cleaning solutions. We research, develop and manufacture cleaning and hygiene solutions, sanitizers and disinfectants, doing so in a responsible manner that reinforces our commitment to safety, environmental care and social responsibility.  

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